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About Us

Vanessa Gilbert

Vanessa Gilbert is an international painter who practices abstract fluid art. Her art studio is located in Quebec, Canada, in the greater Montreal area. Her contemporary works are known to be very colourful. The forms that emerge are rather mysterious, fluid and dynamic. Vanessa Studio Art’s paintings are ideal for adding a touch of modernity to a setting. Her paintings could be defined as: abstract, fluid, contemporary, design and pigmented.

The technique she uses consists in mixing acrylic with a fluid medium, in order to obtain a viscous and slightly liquid texture. The mixed medium can then be poured directly onto the canvas or the desired support, such as a wood panel, using a jar. The finish of the artist’s paintings is usually very glossy, however a new matte version is now available upon request. She also sometimes adds touches of gold, silver or copper leaf, as well as Swarovski crystals to embellish the whole.

The artist’s inspirations come mainly from his various travels around the globe, as well as from the nature that surrounds him. Among her latest adventures are Greece, Thailand and Mexico. Indeed, she feels particularly attracted to destinations that are close to the ocean. This vast expanse of water inspires her greatly with its flamboyant colours, fluid movements and irreplaceable tranquillity.

Vanessa now wants to convey, through her works, a message that is close to her heart, namely the environment. The ocean, being her primary source of inspiration, is unfortunately in danger. On social networks, we only see the “beautiful” and we rarely see the other side of the story. As we know, the oceans are becoming more and more polluted by various undesirable sources, such as plastic and other waste, as well as oil/gas spills, so the artist decided to take inspiration from shocking images, which present the ocean from its darkest and most desolate side; polluted. She hopes to make people talk and realize the impact of our actions.

The energy and boldness of this artist will be transmitted to you through the vibrant pigmentation and intriguing shapes of her paintings. This young entrepreneur is keen to capture the sense of freedom she has been fortunate enough to experience on her travels, so that all who view her creations will be able to navigate.