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Leyla is a Canadian Persian artist, working from her studio in Montreal and delivering contemporary art with a poppy twist. She brings  Japanese manga ideas to life with either a varnish or resin finish. Lately, she has been portraying her life icon like Picasso, Amy Winehouse, Dali, Mohamed Ali….Her pieces are unique, large, colorful canvas, shiny, and a little intimate because she often leaves well immersed personal notes in her work. Her private order-only approach will enable you to pick your superhero or any life icon and she will make it alive in your living space.

“You have to se my art to understand it”, she said.

Lately, Leyla has been seeing more and more orders from parents who wish to offer their first art piece to their newborns. She said, her art could influence the perception of people’s mind and interest in fantasy, a must route for creativity.  Many of her collectors started developing an interest in the “HOW IT’S DONE”, and she responded by offering private art therapy lessons.  She realized that art therapy was a growing demand for mental health for the past year. Besides being an artist, Leyla is also an international DJ with a passion for creating music. Making art and playing music is the perfect duo for this Persian Canadian exotic artist. She has a few projects in the pipeline, playing with ceramic figurines and silhouettes, where paint is added to create a sculpture with an edgy finishing. She said that her intention in life is to set positive vibes in the community and help people incorporate art into their life. Leyla dedicates her time to doing what she loves; making art for the ones who need it and the ones who love it.

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