Cocktails & Canvas Girls Night
19:00 - May 29, 2022
Allégorie Art Gallery

If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed these days, you’re not alone. With everything going on, it can be easy to forget that sometimes all we need is a good old-fashioned date night to lift our spirits.
Unfortunately, our options are a little limited these days, and what options are available can begin to feel repetitive. If you’re tired of ordering take-out from the same restaurants or just need a break from another at-home movie night, then we have you covered!
A date night full of Art, Entertainment, Great Music and Laughter! Show your other half that you complete each other, by creating 2 halfs of one image called the Swirly Wine. Don’t worry, everything will be stenciled but feel free to customize it to your liking. Our artist instructor will be there to give you  step-by-step instructions on how to create a beautiful masterpiece that is instagram worthy!