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Artist: Vanessa Gilbert
Title: Wakashio
Size: 48″x60″ inches
Media: Stretched Canvas
Type: Acrylic, Resin Original Artwork
Year: 2022

Wakashio is the first work of a new artistic direction, with many more to follow. Vanessa now wants to convey, through her works, a message that is close to her heart, namely the environment. The ocean, being her primary source of inspiration, is unfortunately in danger. On social networks, we only see the “beautiful” and we rarely see the other side of the story. As we know, the oceans are becoming more and more polluted by various undesirable sources, such as plastic and other waste, as well as oil/gas spills, so the artist decided to take inspiration from shocking images, which present the ocean from its darkest and most desolate side; polluted. She hopes to get people talking and to make them realise the impact of our actions.

Wakashio is a work inspired by the black tide in Mauritius, an environmental disaster that occurred in 2020, caused by the grounding of the bulk carrier MV Wakashio. Following bad weather in the lagoon, the Mauritian government announced that all attempts to right the ship had failed. The vessel was found to be carrying 3,800 tonnes of fuel oil and 200 tonnes of diesel.


Brown, Gray


L, M


Delce & Gabbana, Hug Boss, Versace